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Yoginis, nutritionists, fitness trainers, celebrities: our Ambassadors are here to help select the best brands for your fitness and well-being.

Anita Goa thumbnail

Anita Goa

Yoga Instructor, Fitness Trainer, Author of "Your Best Body Ever"

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Andrea Orbeck thumbnail

Andrea Orbeck

Supermodel Secret Weapon, Certified Fitness and Nutritional Consultant

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Yonni Wattenmaker thumbnail

Yonni Wattenmaker

Vegan Consultant, Founder, The Trendy Vegan, Co-Founder, Body Fuel Nutritionals

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Lisa Hirsch thumbnail

Lisa Hirsch

Music exec turned fitness entrepreneur, Owner of The Studio MDR

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Michelle Ghilotti thumbnail

Michelle Ghilotti

Yoga Instructor, Hiking, Running, Author

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Ryan Murray thumbnail

Ryan Murray

Spin Instructor Extraordinaire

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Erin Kirk thumbnail

Erin Kirk

Shaman, Yoga Therapist, Meditation Guide

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Scott Cohen thumbnail

Scott Cohen

USA Triathlon, Track & Field Coach

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Debra Lyn Shapiro thumbnail

Debra Lyn Shapiro

Licensed Massage Therapist, Reflexology, Aromatherapy

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Erin Hutto thumbnail

Erin Hutto

Trail Blazing Naturalist

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Jaime Windrow thumbnail

Jaime Windrow

Rockette turned Triathlete, USA Triathlon Coach, Registered Dietician

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Ky Evans thumbnail

Ky Evans

Creator of KYLATES Life guru, Head trainer, The Studio MDR

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Kerri Gedert thumbnail

Kerri Gedert

Food Scientist & Nutritional Food Product Designer

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Kirsi Paalanen thumbnail

Kirsi Paalanen

Health & Wellness Coach, Speaker, Weight Loss, Reverse Aging, Reclaiming Energy

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Elizabeth McLean thumbnail

Elizabeth McLean

Veteran Air Force Officer, Ironman triathlete, Ultramarathoner

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Kate Holstein thumbnail

Kate Holstein

Pilates, Yoga, Mountain biking, Skiing, Photographer

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Alanna Zebel thumbnail

Alanna Zebel

Founder, AZIAM, Yogini , Author "The Seven Doors"

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Matt Maggiacomo thumbnail

Matt Maggiacomo

Group Fitness Instructor, Barry's Bootcamp, On-air personality

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Patrick Goudeau thumbnail

Patrick Goudeau

NIKE Elite Fitness Athlete, 23 acclaimed workout DVDs

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Gina Marciano thumbnail

Gina Marciano

Yogini, Dance, Meditation

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Jen Danzi thumbnail

Jen Danzi

Sailing, Tennis, Polo

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Karoline Barwinski thumbnail

Karoline Barwinski

Founder, OmHop Pop Up Yoga Studio, Tennis, Hiking

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Whitney&Danielle thumbnail


Founders Sakara Life, Creators of the Whole Food Cleanse, Health Curators, Entrepreneurs

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Yvone Mo thumbnail

Yvonne Mo

Founder, Move Adventures, Certified Personal Trainer, Karate Instructor

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Linda LaRue thumbnail

Linda LaRue

TV personality and founder of CRUNCHLESS ABS.

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